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New phase in life?

By visiting this page, you’ve just taken the first step towards something new, a new thought, a new inspiration, perhaps even a new life.

Maybe not immediately, this second but by continuing on this site, you’ve done a choice that will take you somewhere new.

Are you the person you want to be?

Why accept that childbirth, aging and other circumstances is depriving you of the right to feel satisfied with yourself, and your body? A healthy body is a healthy mind.

The desire to change, needs motivation, the right tools and knowledge to achieve the goal. If you have the willpower, I can help you with the rest through personal training and nutritional advice.

A change opens doors to a whole new world.

Progress 2006-2015

Start your change by taking care of yourself, with proper nutrition, exercise and body conditioning doesn’t have to lead to competition. Everyones challenges and goals are set and achievements are individual.

To reach that goal, that “dream”, could be your way to your best.

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Weight loss

Reducing body fat, weight loss, fitness, tone, or perhaps muscle mass gain?


To get started, get inspiration, a new flame or further development to the next level with Personal training.


Coaching for competition posing, and all categories, Bodybuilding and fitness, Bikini Fitness, Body Fitness, Women’s Physique, Bodybuilding and even Men’s Physique.

A healthy lifestyle

Nutritional advice for a healthy and balanced diet. Get more out of your days.